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To talk about us is always difficult. Words have no taste: at best they can express poetic imagery, but you cannot smell that. So we prefer to say, “drink about us” because it is in our wines that all the vowels and consonants resonate to express our love for this land and for our work.
Biodynamic and organic will always lead us in our business choices. They give form to our philosophy and our idea of how wine should be.

We have almost 5 hectares of vineyards facing south-southwest. About one hectare dates back to 1972, with a prevalence of Trebbiano Toscano Rosa, 3 hectares from 2003 that produce Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; another 0.7 hectares of 2020 of Vermentino and Sangiovese.
Drinking from us is translating our search for elegance and finesse into the glass, enhancing everything we have available. Every morning when we look out over our vineyards we feel their strength and harmony and our gratitude to them. This is why we are certain that when the glass is filled with one of our wines, there will be no words to add because he will tell you all of this.

Our wine tasting
Our wine tasting
Not only a wine tasting, but a journey.
You will taste our wines in front of a spectacular view of the sun drenched Tuscan hills that have nurtured vineyards for centuries. We offer a little snack and also a tasting of our prized olive oils. Finally you can visit our cantina where time, knowledge, experience and skill produce the magic elixer - wine. Each wine has a history. This is our world and we look forward to sharing it with you.
I vini Falzari
Our wines
Selengaia, Tinnari, Assentada and Pilandra they are not just wines, but the alchemy of the elements found within them. Our Sardinian origin, here are the names, the particularity of the labels that are from our mother Clementina, recognized artist and painter, the choice of uncompromising naturalness.
Even the Altrove (elsewhere), a name that evokes desires and escapes, although a more international blend, has escaped from the homologation of the expression, like the others, in fact the result of our philosophy of producing wine.
Sergio Falzari
Sergio Falzari
I am the son of artists. My father (Sandro) was an inventor of sailing boats. My mother, Clementina, is an artist and painter.
I love to live in art and with art. In my free time I am still involved with the earth... making terracotta sculptures.
For me it is the earth. The wine I make is first and foremost an expression of my plant friends, fellow adventurers, whose existence depends on the earth. The fruit of these plants are my research. I strive to interpret each grape variety as each year they yield new sensations. When they are young, the wines that come from this generous land are like thoroughbreds; unrestrained in their power, strength and energy. Like an experienced equestrian my task is to harmonize their qualities and lead them to elegance and refinement.

Tuscan Wines

Tinnari Falzari

from a single blend of the Tuscan Trebbiano

Assentada Falzari

100% Tuscan Trebbiano in terracotta amphora

Selengaia Falzari

70% Sangiovese
15% Cabernet Sauvignon
15 % Merlot

Pilandra Falzari

100% Sangiovese

Altrove Falzari

Cabernet Sauvignon


Sergio Falzari - The man who whispered to plants


Sergio Falzari - The man who whispered to plants

Sergio connects with the vineyards through a meditation beyond all logic

Vinci, where vines find the right place


Vinci, where vines find the right place

Sangiovese and Trebbiano in the land of Leonardo da Vinci. In this part of Tuscany, vineyards enhance the taste of drinking excellent wines.

Author's wine


Author's wine

Author's wine: the transposition of an artwork across the rows.


Dinner with the producer

Sergio Falzari presents his production, telling us about his love for the land and for biodynamic culture

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