Olive oil

oliveThe olive grove covers 3.6 acres and is divided into two sections. The older section of around 1 acre, is parallel to the vineyard, with around 400 trees of 7 different varieties: moraiolo, frantoio, leccio, pendolino, mignolo, grappolo, and rossellino. The other, north facing, of around 700 trees: pendolino, frantoio, moraiolo and leccio. Other olive trees scattered over the farmland bring the total to 1,300 trees.

We manage our olive groves using the biodynamic method, enriching the soil with green manure from leguminosae, in particular tick-beans; in the future we are planning to create a stable meadow of lucerne (alfalfa) to ensure the soil is kept perfectly aerated and soft thanks to the roots of this grass which penetrate and work their way through the soil.

olio falzariOur oil is composed of the different olive varieties grown on our land. It is notably fragrant, aromatic and fruity, with distinct hints of artichoke. The taste is persistent, with green, acid shades, the taste of slightly spicy artichoke stands out, yet at the same time elegant and light textured.

It comes in bottles of 0.75 litres or on tap for anyone who wants a larger quantity.