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Article about our wines on the blog Intravino (by Andrea Gori) – 26 January 2016

“Falzari e la biodinamica a Vinci, scoprire il genius loci”

“Il dilemma sulla biodinamica ormai è endemico nella cultura enoica mondiale e particolarmente sentito dalle nostre parti. In Italia ma anche in Toscana, da dove arrivano a getto continuo nuove proposte di vini ottenuti applicando questo metodo in vigna e in cantina.” … read more

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From the blog “L’Uomo Vivo” by Fabio D’Uffizi, 09/05/2012

“Igt Toscana – Tinnari – Az. Agricola Il Giardino 2010

tinnari2010Sergio Falzari is someone that you notice straight away. The reason doesn’t lie in his mystic charm or magical magnetism, the reason is because Sergio knows how to listen, to everyone. He gives explanations about his wines, but it’s apparent that he likes listening as well to who he has in front of him. He wants to know and perceive how to improve, sometimes taking himself for granted. I met him at ViViT, he sat next to me. He gave me one of his bottles to try, one which had intrigued me a great deal, a pure Tuscan Trebbiano, not the easiest choice, but all rigorously organic.

The land is that of Vinci, fields of olive groves and vineyards. The wine is fermented only in steel vats with a good but not exaggerated maceration. Quite simply it is a well-made wine, one which involves a lot of work in the vineyard and less in the cellar.

An intense straw yellow colours the glass. The fresh, dynamic scents of wisteria and peach, slightly seductive, with hints of earth, a little rough yet fascinating. A pure bouquet, personal and pure, which wakens the senses as the glass warms up.

Each sip is a delight to the palate and surprisingly full-bodied. The fine lingering, acid taste, softened by the tenderness of this yellow grape will gradually become sweeter to the palate. A powerful and already intriguing wine which Sergio will knowingly improve by listening to the advice from others but also with his own ideas.



Article of Tim Atkins on Intelligent Life, 2011


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