In 1991 Sandro, a company director, and his wife Clementina, a refined painter, decided to move away from our homeland Sardinia and purchase a house in the countryside of Vinci. The property that won them over in terms of position and beauty is a house with 15 acres of farmland, vineyards, olive groves and orchards; neither of them had any experience in agriculture and had never done this type of work before. The owners, however, wanted to sell the entire property; they still went ahead and from here the story begins!

Clementina ran the farm with the help of Sandro at weekends, while their two sons Sergio and Roberto continued with their education.

In ’99 Roberto, who dreamt of being a skipper and farmer, decided to abandon the engineering faculty at university and dedicated himself, with the help of his now retired father, and under the artistic supervision of his mother, to the renovation of the former hayloft on the estate to create an ‘agriturismo’, or rural country guest house.

In 2000 Sergio, who had completed his studies to become a vet, had qualified and was practicing his profession, decided to take a short period of reflection; he produced wine from his first grape harvest, discovering the great passion which would lead him to change his job and lifestyle.

This all seems a long time ago.

My name is Sergio and I deal in everything connected with the wine production, from the pruning of the vines to the sale of the bottled wines; Roberto runs the technical innovation side of the business and the agriturismo; Cristina, his wife takes care of the overall look of the apartments and runs the websites; Clementina, having abandoned painting, crafts unique objects in macramé. Sandro keeps on building…

Our story behind our wine production

In 2000 we made our produced our first wine in a friend’s wine cellar.

In 2001 we produced wine in our own newly built wine cellar; back then we used a chemical agriculture system.

In 2002 we switched to integrated agriculture.

In August 2004 we switched to organic farming.

In 2005 we started the official conversion to organic farming and have been certified by ICEA as an organic farm since the grape harvest of 2007.

In March 2007 the step to biodynamic farming occurred that we still carry out today.

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