Harvest 2013

This was a complex year for wine-makers in our area. The low temperatures and rainfall which continued until the end of June led to a late flowering season. In turn the fruit set on the vines later than usual and grapes darkened with a delay of around 15 days which consequently led to a later ripening.

The rather cool summer did not make up for this delay which means we started to harvest Merlot grapes on 17th September, 20 days later compared to normal years. The harvest lasted several days and we finished around 10th October. This was due both to waiting for the ideal moment of ripeness of the various grape varieties and to the interruptions due to frequent rainfall.

The final harvest was of well ripened grapes with a good level of sweetness, leading to the production of wines with a decent alcoholic content. Both the polyphenols and the overall structure of the wines matured well.

Due to the huge amount of rain the last grapes we picked, the latest in the season, in other words Cabernet Sauvignon and Trebbiano, suffered an attack of botrytis (gray rot), forcing us to make a careful selection of the bunches on vines when harvesting which led to a reduced production. On the whole, however, the risky decision to harvest later paid off with a good quantity of wine of a certainly good quality.