Filling the barriques

Filling the barriques

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Routine operation performed in the cellar to eliminate the "vacuum" due to the evaporation of the wine, thus avoiding oxidation.

During the aging period of our wines in barriques, topping up is carried out, a practice of fundamental importance for the preservation of wine, as it is absolutely necessary to avoid contact with oxygen (absolute enemy in this case).

The procedure is performed during storage as the season changes and consequently the temperaturature causes the level to drop.

To avoid the risk of a possible alteration, the barriques are filled to the limit (about every 10 days), so as to leave the least possible space between the level of the wine and the cork.

Filling the barriques

Our natural wines that achieve aging in barrels are:

"Altrove" is a Tuscan red IGT and remains in maturation in French barriques for a total duration of 18/24 months.

"Pilandra" is a Tuscan red IGT and remains in French oak barrels for a variable duration depending on the characteristics of the wine itself.