Sergio Falzari - The man who whispered to plants

Sergio Falzari - The man who whispered to plants

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sergio connects with the vineyards through a meditation beyond all logic

Sergio Falzari connects with the vineyards through a meditation beyond all logic.

Sergio is a man with his Creed and a lifestyle consistent with his concept of harmony between man and nature. The wine produced by Sergio is the alchemical result of different genres: a messenger of love, respect and harmony between the cosmos, man and nature.

Sergio Falzari - The man who whispered to plants

We are on the outskirts of Vinci, where four hectares of the I Falzari winery extend, on a land rich in shells and limestone, where Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have their roots. An atmosphere of peace that invites meditation, a hill with irises in full bloom, a swimming pool below the farmhouse and many, many olive trees around.

The tastings take place in a bright room, full of handmade objects that evoke his homeland, Sardinia (evocations that will also return in some labels).


TINNARI 2019 is the expression of a profound lightness, born by chance in 2000, it is the product of Trebbiano vineyards that are more than forty years old. Trebbiano, which was once the reinforcement wine for Sangiovese, takes on a more aristocratic air and chases away thoughts. It has an intense color, a beautiful golden yellow; the nose, with aromatic herbs, leads to joy and fun, the apricot and citrus fruits to freshness. A vinification in steel and cement, without added sulphites, expresses the concept of a pleasant and clean natural wine: excellent presentation to understand who we are dealing with.

ESSENTADA 2018 is a Trebbiano macerated for four months in amphora, more complex and structured than the previous one; the hints of mimosa evoke the feminine image on the label, the saffron and dried apricot make it delicious on the nose. The vinification in amphora, sprinkled with beeswax inside, makes the sip silky and soft, and the fusion of citrus and honey suggests a gritty femininity that does not renounce elegance. Vibrant final flavor and aromatic herbs which, appearing again, give the boost for another sip.

2016 SELENGAIA The demonstration of an aggressive Chianti: mainly Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in a few percentages; a beautiful dark red color that induces temptation, a licorice root on the nose, dark ripe fruit, flavor and freshness in the mouth, then tobacco and balsamic notes that deceive the taste of a wine that only makes steel, starting with tertiaries that can be confused with the boiserie. A blood orange on the finish of the mouth makes it fresh and even more delicious on the palate. It still has a nice youthful exuberance and therefore very pleasant.

2016 PILANDRA a pure Sangiovese with intoxicating aromas of red rose, tamarind and ripe plum. The taste is complex due to the important extraction, requires calm and attention: a lot of pulp that envelops the mouth, the tannic texture is fine, a pleasant surprise and its persistence of ripe plum and blueberry is excellent. A good use of cement and wood gives a taste of ripe fruit and tobacco, menthol notes of eucalyptus and aromatic herbs. He is a stomping young man, this guy! - pilandra, in Sardinian, means rascal - Born from plants that grow on clays and shells, it has strength and elegance that distinguish it.

ELSEWHERE is the workhorse; the first bottle was released in 2005. Powerful visual and olfactory impact, despite the two years of wood: it is a Tuscan red based on Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vinified in steel and aged in French oak. Strength and opulence, a character that expresses this territory well, combining strength and elegance, with a little madness. Cabernet and Merlot take up a large space by distancing themselves from Sangiovese, which becomes their supporting actor. Ripe dark fruits, blackberry jam, spices such as pepper and cloves make its persistence long in the mouth. The ambitious son who wants to go far.