About us

Sergio Falzari

Sergio Falzari

I graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Pisa in 1999, later I understood that I love the earth and plants more than animals, as well as the lifestyle that the countryside and daily contact with the elements offer; I therefore began to take care of the agricultural part of the farm.

Over time, the passion for the world of wine has led me to renovate the entire company, from the fleet of machines to the cellar, up to the planting of a new 3-hectare vineyard created in 2003. My spiritual vision moved me towards biodynamics, which I still practice today.

In wine, on the one hand, I seek the most authentic expression of a vine and a territory, on the other hand, in winemaking a personal interpretation, artisan of that grape and that vintage, which reflects my taste, my personality and sensitivity.

Today I work on various projects, I create decidedly different wines, even if I start from the same vine, thanks to very personal interpretations. My desire is always to enhance the facets with harmony and elegance.

Throughout this journey, Michela, my life partner since 2003, supports me and advises me and directs me through her sensations and perceptions.

My interests are linked to the spiritual path of Damanhur to which I belong, above all through the expression in the artistic aspect, in fact I deal with sculpture and creations with clay and young stone.

Turning clay, creating ceramic objects are my passions together with sculpture.

My love for a long time has been sailing, as soon as I can I go to Sardinia, to Alghero, where it is moored.

Roberto Falzari

Roberto Falzari

If you have reached this page it is because you are curious to know, in addition to our business, also who we are and who you will meet when you come to visit us. So here I am: I started this business for the sense of freedom that working my land offered me, outside of timetables to follow, by the many rules in which our society lives. At the age of 20, I was doing this kind of math: if every day of my life I will spend an hour looking for a parking space or inside a bus or a train, at 60 I will have spent about 3/4 years, as I know myself, in atrocious existential doubts and a profound sense of uselessness, lethal to my character. As you may have understood I love calculation, strategy and alternative ideas; this is why I love an entrepreneurship whose goal is to create a company as well as an income.
The earth, with its simplicity and richness, gives me the meaning I seek in life. I love wine and viticulture I am fascinated by the technical and artistic creativity that is required of you, the research that can be developed, the solutions it always forces you to find. A good wine is a work of art that begins every year, from when you decide how to prune your vineyard to when you decide how to age it.

Sergius. A man about whom I could make a film with a bit of comedy and a bit of adventure.
In some ways my opposite: I start from what I can afford, from what I have in hand, he where he wants to get from, and he always wants to reach very high. Bold, ambitious, always up in the air, comical, wise and a man of his word, if he says one thing it is that and it always will be (the doubt is only if he will remember what he said). He is a Don Quixote of agriculture. He is so rooted in the earth that he would be able, if he put it in his head, to dig a field with a teaspoon; I assure you that he is capable of it.

I forgot, I compose music, I like playing Risk, flying, sailing and freediving.

Francesco Bartoletti

Oenologist: Francesco Bartoletti

I began collaborating with Sergio in 2001, and together we have accomplished a journey through the wine world, that has given us today a complete and extensive knowledge of viticulture in the Vinci area. This long journey, involving trials and experimentations hasn’t yet come to an end. New incentives will take Sergio and Roberto towards wines that are more and more linked to their land.

What we have strived to do constantly in all these years together is to relentlessly bring out the best aspect of this land. Every wine should reflect this and each one should be able to bring out the land in each glass. I’m extremely pleased to be continued to share this journey of labour and friendship, after so many years, with Sergio and Roberto.