About us

Sergio Falzari

Sergio Falzari

In 1999, I graduated in veterinary medicine at the college of Pisa, but at a later stage I realised I loved the land and plants more than animals, as well as the lifestyle that the countryside and daily contact with the great outdoors has to offer; I thus began to attend do the agricultural part of our agriturismo.

In time, my passion for the wine making world pushed me into renovating the whole business, from the tractor shed to the cellar, right up to the planting of a new 3 acre vineyard in 2003. My spiritual vision pushed me towards biodynamic farming, which I carry out to this day.

In wine making I look, on one hand, for the most authentic aspect of vine variety and territory, and on the other during the wine making process, a personal, craftsman’s’ interpretation of that years’ crop that reflects my own taste, personality and perception.

Today I work above all on this concept through two experiments using pure Sangiovese and Trebbiano Toscano, on which I aim to bestow pure elegance and expressive intensity without the use of any kind of wood. During this business venture I have had full support from Michela, my partner since 2003. She advises me and guides me with her sensations and perceptions.

My interests are linked to Damanhur, a spiritual journey I belong to, above all through artistic expression which I display in my sculptures in clay and stone.

Drawing, painting, together with clay pottery on the wheel and ceramic decoration, are other passions that I’m developing.

My all-time passions are windsurfing and sailing.

Roberto Falzari

Roberto Falzari

If you have reached this page you are probably curious to know, in addition to the business side, more about who we are and who you will meet coming to visit us. So here I am: I started this business because of the sense of freedom that working the land gives you, away from clockwatching and the many rules that govern our society. At 20 I thought: if every day of my life I have to spend an hour looking for somewhere to park, or travelling on a bus or train, at 60 I’ll have spent around 3/4 years doing so, and knowing me, I’d have had many existential doubts and a profound sense of uselessness, which would be lethal for me. As you’ve probably realised by now, I love to evaluate strategies and alternative ideas, the type of enterprise that creates a company as well as an income. The land, in all its simplicity and wealth, gives me a sense of what I need in life. I love wine and wine-growing: what fascinates me is the technical and artistic creativity needed to do so, the research that can be developed, and the solutions you have to strive for constantly. A good wine is a work of art that begins every year, from the moment you decide to prune your vineyard, to the moment you decide how to age it.
The choice of vines and the point of ripeness of the grapes, and the selection of the best bunches is like choosing colours for a painting. Therefore for me, for us (here I can say it), good grape growers and winemakers are artists in their own right.
I like to prune the olive trees too because I love the sense of tranquillity they convey. I like to make bread and produce wheat.
I work in the tourist trade because I like having happy people around me, and in turn I like to make them happy; I love to be amongst people as it gives me the chance to joke and enjoy good company. I’m very lucky to have what our parents gave us and taught us, and to have a brother like Sergio and a wife like Cristina with whom to embark on this adventure. Let me introduce them.
Sergio. A man about whom I could make a film, part comedy part adventure.
In some ways he’s the opposite of me: I proceed from what I know, what I already own, whereas he starts from what he wants to achieve, and he always wants to reach great heights. Daring and ambitious, with his head held high, comical, and wise, a “man who keeps his word”, if he says something he always keeps to it (the only doubt is whether or not he will remember what he has said). He’s the Don Quixote of agriculture. He’s so ingrained in the land that, if he put his mind to it, he would be capable of digging up a whole field with a teaspoon, no trouble.

I almost forgot, I compose music, I like playing Risiko, and I like to fly, sail and go scuba diving.

Francesco Bartoletti

Oenologist: Francesco Bartoletti

I began collaborating with Sergio in 2001, and together we have accomplished a journey through the wine world, that has given us today a complete and extensive knowledge of viticulture in the Vinci area. This long journey, involving trials and experimentations hasn’t yet come to an end. New incentives will take Sergio and Roberto towards wines that are more and more linked to their land.

What we have strived to do constantly in all these years together is to relentlessly bring out the best aspect of this land. Every wine should reflect this and each one should be able to bring out the land in each glass. I’m extremely pleased to be continued to share this journey of labour and friendship, after so many years, with Sergio and Roberto.