It was the summer of 99 when for the first time in our lives we found ourselves fastening some vines together. The pleasure of being there and doing that simple job, the desire to live this land, and the fantasy that galloped. Completely different from each other, our strength has been union, complementarity, our enthusiasm and now I can tell you with certainty, the complete unconsciousness of what we were going to do.
On the other hand, from a university teacher who became a painter at 40 and a craftswoman at 70 and from an Enel manager in a suit and tie who one day got up from his desk, bought 5 tons of aluminum and made 2 boats sailing alone, what ever we could learn.
Pilandra is the name of our pure Sangiovese but also of our boat.
Elsewhere it is the name of our most powerful wine, aged in French oak, but also of one of the most beautiful paintings of our mother.
Tinnari is the name of our white man but also the name of the beach where our parents fell in love.
In short, we are proud of our history.
We are proud to present you with wines that can finally tell you about it.
We are grateful to our plants for always helping us.
We are simply Falzari ...
But now the word to Wine, everything is written there.

Our wines

In 2000 we made our produced our first wine in a friend’s wine cellar.

In 2001 we produced wine in our own newly built wine cellar; back then we used a chemical agriculture system.

In 2002 we switched to integrated agriculture.

In August 2004 we switched to organic farming.

In 2005 we started the official conversion to organic farming and have been certified by ICEA as an organic farm since the grape harvest of 2007.

In March 2007 the step to biodynamic farming occurred that we still carry out today.

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