The farm

The farm

The lands

Located in Vinci, on the slopes of Montalbano, the farm “il Giardino”, has produced wine and oil since the beginning of the 1950’s. It stretches for 15.15 ha and is nestled in the hills at around 60 metres (a.s.l.), a fertile land planted with vines, olives and a small orchard.

The vineyards

From our panoramic terrace, located above the cellar, we can admire a wonderful view, in the valley below us a beautiful lake surrounded by trees.
On our right 3.3 hectares of vineyards planted in 2003 (3 hectares) and 2020 (0.3 hectares), all made up of red berried grapes: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
On our left grape vineyards white grapes, Vermentino in the upper part (0.3 hectares) and Trebbiano Toscano, mostly Trebbiano Rosa (0.7 hectares).

Our wines

In 2000 we made our produced our first wine in a friend’s wine cellar.

In 2001 we produced wine in our own newly built wine cellar; back then we used a chemical agriculture system.

In 2002 we switched to integrated agriculture.

In August 2004 we switched to organic farming.

In 2005 we started the official conversion to organic farming and have been certified by ICEA as an organic farm since the grape harvest of 2007.

In March 2007 the step to biodynamic farming occurred that we still carry out today.

The olive grove

Lady of the vineyard of 3.3 hectares, the olive grove, of 3.6 hectares , is made up of two bodies, one more adult of about 1 hectare, placed laterally At the vineyard, with about 400 plants of 7 different cultivars: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccio, Pendolino, Mignolo, bunch, Rossellino; Another, exposed to the north, of about 700 pendulum plants, oil mill, moraiol, holm oak. Other scattered olive trees bring the total number to 1300 plants.

Vini Falzari