Natural and authentic wines

No additives whatsoever are used either in this phase, except from very low doses of sulphites. Only in our white wine “Tinnari” which is made only with the Trebbiano grape variety, do we use low doses of bentonite as a clarifying agent, a natural clayey mineral, whenever we come across any instability of proteins. Otherwise it could become slightly hazy, something not appreciated by consumers although this is a perfectly natural, harmless phenomenon.

The maximum content of SO2 in our bottled wines is 50-70 mg/lt.

We are striving towards wines with a total sulphite level of just 40-50 ml/l.

In the bottling stage we filter our wines slightly using filter paper of 5-10 microns or larger in order not to deprive our wine of its substances whilst retaining any residue which is often disliked by consumers.

In the near future we will be presenting wines that are bottled without filtering and without bentonite as a clarifying agent, with a total sulphite content below 30 mg/l. These wines, regardless whether the consumer cares for a product with a residue or haziness in a white wine, express our firm belief that although fully natural and genuine wines may not have a classic appearance, are certainly a personal interpretation of our vineyards and the territory in which they are produced.