Olive oil

La storia di vini Falzari

The 3.6-hectare olive grove is made up of two parts, a more mature one of about 1 hectare, located laterally to the vineyard, with about 400 plants of 7 different cultivars: moraiolo, frantoio, holm oak, pendolino, little finger, bunch and rossellino; another, facing north, with about 700 pendolino, frantoio, moraiolo, holm oak trees. Some scattered olive trees bring the total number to 1300 plants.

We manage the olive groves in biodynamics, we enrich the land with leguminous green manure, in particular of field beans, in the future we intend to sow a permanent meadow of alfalfa to guarantee the soil perfect oxygenation and softness created by the roots of medicine that penetrate and explore the land, working it.

Our extra-virgin olive oil is aromatically complex, thanks to the contribution of the different cultivars. The particular note is its refinement and the very high concentration of polyphenols, the latter due to particular olive cultivation techniques such as green manure, to administration of organic natural products that stimulate the olive trees to produce polyphenols and finally ad an early harvest with specialized pressing for their extraction.
Polyphenols have remarkable antioxidant properties, therefore they counteract aging, inflammatory and degenerative phenomena, as they slow down oxidation at the cellular level.
For more in-depth explanations, please refer to the Fabrizio Tarchi farm website, with which we collaborate on projects related to oil, https://www.luxoliosynergy.it.