Translate Come decidi il nome di un vino while maintaining HTML tags, into English:How do you decide the name of a wine

Translate Come decidi il nome di un vino while maintaining HTML tags, into English:How do you decide the name of a wine

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Discover our family and our history through the names of our wines. Vento di mare, which translates to Sea wind, 'Bentu e mari' in Sardinian, or 'Bent emari,' a Mediterranean wind that inspired the name of Bentemari. But our other wines also have unique names.

When we started giving names to our wines, the desire was always to tell about ourselves, our story.

This story is about a very close-knit family, a bunch of crazy people who have always loved each other and embarked on adventures. We are crazy people who feel Sardinian, adventurous and sea-loving... we also talk about this in the names of our wines.
The first wine, Selengaia, has a less personal title compared to the others, but it explains how wine and cultivation are influenced in biodynamics by the energies of the stars, particularly the Moon (Selene) and the Earth (Gaia), hence the name Selengaia.

But let's move on to the more familiar choice, Tinnari, a pink Tuscan Trebbiano. Tinnari because my parents took their first summer trip as lovers to Tinnari, sealing their love. But Tin... Tin... is also the clinking of wine glasses to toast to something wonderful.

Lastly, Tinnari is a beach with a breathtaking wild cliff, with a river running through it lined with oleanders between Stintino and Isola Rossa.

Assentada, a pink Tuscan Trebbiano in a terracotta amphora, features on the label the terracotta statue I made and gave to my wife Michela for our wedding. Assentada, in Sardinian, means seated woman, like an amphora, but it also represents a social position acquired through marriage. A wish for our happiness and prosperity.

Bentemari, pure Vermentino, with its notes of salt, Mediterranean scrub, and citrus, speaks of the sea, but a windy sea, a summer wind carrying the scents of the coasts swept by waves.
Sea wind, in Sardinian Bentu and mari... Bent' e mari... Bentemari.

Pilandra, pure Sangiovese, is a great challenge in Tuscany. For me, presenting a pure Sangiovese like Pilandra, which in ancient Sassari dialect would be the equivalent of the Neapolitan scugnizzo, is just like facing a great challenge every day on the street.

The same name as my father's greatest constructive challenge, a 12-meter aluminum sailboat, a work of 7 tons with a rounded hull entirely designed and built by a single man almost forty years ago, a self-taught person who did something that still amazes professional skippers who have sailed around the world today.

Finally, Altrove, a structured and muscular blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, takes its name from one of my mother's most beautiful paintings, a contemporary artist. The painting has become the label of the wine itself. A wine that wants to take you to a dimension of pleasure, calm, and strength, precisely altrove... Altrove.

Sergio Falzari


, keeping the HTML tags if any, in English

Translate Come decidi il nome di un vino while maintaining HTML tags, into English:How do you decide the name of a wine

For the choice of names, I could have relied on a marketing agency that would have come up with effective and catchy terms. However, like in other things I do, I preferred to convey part of my family's story even in the names you read on the labels.

Selengaia, influenced by cosmic energies; Tinnari, linked to a summer love; Assentada, a wish for happiness; Bentemari, Bentu and mari, Mediterranean wind; Pilandra, a great challenge; and Altrove, a pleasure trip.

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