Wine tasting in the cellars of Vinci

Wine tasting in the cellars of Vinci

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Rediscover wine tasting with the producer in the cellars of Vinci. Memories from the family journal of a natural and biodynamic wine producer.

Travelling and tasting: what has changed in the wineries of the Vinci area.

Travelling for us, is not only seeing, visiting and moving, but also listening and tasting. In the past, the wineries of Vinci were small realities and each one produced their own wine; it wasn't the time of social wineries, bottling cellars, sommeliers and oenologists. It was the time of small wine producers.

Wine tasting in the cellars of Vinci

The producer, was also farmer, cellarer and oenologist of himself, as well as sales manager and sommelier. In those years, towards the end of September and October, up until late in the evening you would meet him at the door of his cellar, still wearing his boots, maybe sipping a glass of wine before dinner.

A private wine tasting in his cellar, in the area of Vinci.

If you arrived at the cellar then, you would always find a glass of good Chianti to welcome you. That's where the storytelling and the journey began. Whence the wine tour, the wine tasting.

There the wine came to life. Warts and all always told a story by the mouth of its producer. Every story was different from one winery or wine tasting to another, and every wine each year brought new emotions.

These memories animate our work in the vineyard, in the cellar and in our life.

Wine tasting with the producer

You can go around many wineries in the area of Vinci, taste many wines, go out and about but you won't by those who produce the wine. Only this way the experience of tasting becomes a whole other taste and meaning, and will remain indelibly imprinted within over time, written in the book of memories.

This is the opinion of a producer, cellarer and traveler, who has traveled a lot with his glass of wine, even just staying on the door of his cellar.

If you wish to live this experience come and visit our winery in Vinci and enjoy our hospitality and an old style tasting.

Roberto Falzari